Vaseline Pink Bubbly - Mini Review

£3.49 at Boots

Quick Summary

  • Good packaging
  • Still the good old Vaseline formula

  • Tastes the same as original Vaseline
  • Tinted pink but far too sheer to add any colour to the lips

When I first heard about this new limited edition Vaseline I was so excited to try it. I absolutely love all the different Vaseline lip products so this was something I had to try ASAP!

However the excitement soon turned to disappointment once I actually tried the product out. Because this product was limited edition I expected something slightly outside of the box from Vaseline, however I am struggling to find anything positive to say! The formula is still the usual and much loved formula and the actual packaging is very elegant compared to the others, so that may please those of you who like having something that looks pretty in your handbag!

With many of the Vaseline lip products they all have their individual selling points and tastes, however I cant help but think this one tastes the same as the original. There is nothing 'limted edition' about this... There is a slight pink tint to it but its not enough to add even a bit of colour to the lips. I just cant help but think this Vaseline is a letdown and for the price it is WAY over priced (£3.49) when the others are £1.99! I've only used it once and I find myself reaching for my 'Rosy lips' Vaseline over this one. 

I've read around and the general consensus seems to be that most people love it, so maybe I am in a minority here. Comment and let me know your opinion!

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