My Fake Tan Routine!

As winter rolls in, fake tan is becoming more and more of my best friend. I'm a typical English girl who LOVES a bit of a tan and there is no better way of achieving it than with fake tan, in my opinion!

I used to use sun beds, but I've slowly weaned myself off of them as I've become pro status at fake tan. I've sat and researched for hours about the best products, methods, etc. I can now proudly say I haven't had a sun bed in months! So lets get started...

What you'll need: 

  • St Moriz Instant Mousse in 'Dark'
  • Exfoliating Gloves
  • Intensive Moisturiser
  • Fake Tan Mitt
  • Time!

Step 1

Firstly, it is important to exfoliate! Fake tan is best applied to a smooth surface as it is less unlikely to go patchy. Exfoliating beforehand also helps the tan to last longer as you've got rid of all them dead skin cells that are hanging around, which in turn also makes you look more radiant! I always think this look gorgeous when you've applied your fake tan and your freshly brown and radiant :) I use exfoliating gloves as you can really 'get in there' and I always feel I've removed the greatest amount of dead skin when using them. Some body scrubs I've used tend to be too soft and do not actually remove enough dead skin - the ones that do are often expensive! Most exfoliating gloves are around £1 and they last forever, too. 

Step 2

Next step is to give your skin some extra loving and moisturise! I use an intensive moisturiser as I usually find after having a good scrub in the shower that my skin can feel a little dry. Fake tan can also have a drying effect on your skin so its best to prepare! I use Body Shop's 'Body Butter Duo' as it is extra moisturising. It also has two sections, one for all over (Section 1) and then another for extra dry areas (Section 2). This is PERFECT for fake tanning as section 2 can be used on fake tan disaster zones such as knees and elbows. On these areas (and any individual extra dry areas you have) you need extra moisture as the fake tan will cling to these areas and go ultra orange. Your aim is to make the tan look natural as possible and these will be massive give-aways! After moisturising you want to leave the moisturiser to soak in, I normally moisturise the day before as I feel my skin cant cope with all the extra product been slapped on!

Step 3

Yay, it's tanning time! Before I say anything else, you must use some sort of applicator such as a mitt or gloves, otherwise your hands will stain and you will look utterly ridiculous! I prefer to use a mitt as they are reusable and applicate the tan smoothly. 
 I use 'St Moriz Instant Mousse' in 'Dark'. This fake tan is AMAZING, and at only £4.99, you are basically stealing this product. I will never ever pay a hefty price tag again for fake tan, this does everything you will ever need! It has a slight green tone to it which combats looking like a wotsit (haha), leaving a more natural toned tan. You can also easily layer this up, I sometimes apply up to 3 layers in one go. This product has a guide colour to it so you will feel slightly ridiculous while wearing this and it might look a little patchy, do not panic! This is normal, and once you wash it off you will be left behind with a lovely natural looking tan :) I apply it before I go to bed and then wash it off in the shower the next day, as it needs some time to develop. 

Step 4

The last step is maintaining your tan. There are a few important tips.

  • Moisturise daily, this keeps your tan from going patchy.
  • Do not apply multiple layers a few days apart if you want to avoid any patchiness - scrub it off and start again!
  • If you want a darker colour then layer it up when first applying.
  • After around 4 days, you will need to scrub it off and start the process again to avoid any flaking.

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